Company and private wealth succession pose one of the greatest challenges. Early and careful planning of the economically viable transition of your business or private wealth to the successive generation is vital.

The task of preserving a business requires a particularly careful examination of the topic of company succession and, of course, competent succession advice.

We support you in organising and implementing a company succession. In doing so, we offer you comprehensive legal, tax and business management advice. From company law and structuring, tax consequences to private asset succession - we will consult you.

In particular, we also take your private asset situation into account. We find ways to transfer your private assets (real estate, securities, etc.) to the next generation.

Our services at a glance:

  • advise on donations
  • Corporate succession through donations, employee stock ownership, sale, etc., including propper restructuring measures
  • Drafting wills
  • Business evaluations
  • Real estate evaluations
  • Safeguarding family assets through family foundations and famlily companies
  • Nonprofit foundations
  • Succession planning with international aspects
  • Healthcare powers of attorney and living wills